Pizza…Quarter Acre Style

Yes, there are bricks in my dishwasher.  Sam woke up this morning and lamented,”There is no Roman food in our kitchen.”  So I decided to try to make Quarter Acre Farm Pizza, Roman Style.  First I needed a bread oven.  Hard to come by.  Instead I took some refractory bricks that had been doing garden duty and after rinsing them stuck them in the dishwasher for a high temp cleaning.  Then I lined the bottom rack of the oven with them.  So far so good.  What wasn’t so good was heating the oven up to 450 then opening it to a blast of steam (bricks hold a LOT of moisture).  I was red-faced for a bit, but luckily I had just enough sense to stand back far enough to save myself from certain calamity.

Second, I needed thin pizza dough.  I was rolling my once raised basic yeast dough out when Jesse happened over.  He took a look at my rolling and flipping and corn-mealing then showed me how to pat the round dough back and forth, drawing the crust out in what looked like a magically easy way and setting it down on parchment paper instead of cornmeal for ease of sliding in and out of the oven.  I tried the patting and drawing and setting…I guess it takes practice.  I put fresh sauce on the pizzas.  The best sauce for this is a raw sauce so I used sun dried tomatoes whirred with some boiling water in my Vita Mix.  Freshest sauce you’ll ever taste mid-winter.  Add cheese (no bufala to be found) a bit of proscuitto, 15 minutes in the “pizza oven” and mmmm, good pizza.  Proscuitto was not as good as they had in Rome.  Pizza needs some work, too, to really stand against the best.  But I’m willing to work on it.

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