The Quarter Acre Farm is available for pre-order NOW!

The Quarter Acre Farm by Spring Warren is not only available for pre-order, but by ordering now you can get a limited edition print for free!

To make ordering The Quarter Acre Farm a little more tempting I will send anyone who does pre – order the book a special Quarter Acre Farm limited edition hand-tinted print by Nemo (aka Jesse, aka the illustrator of the book) and me, signed by Nemo and me.

If you let me know by December 10 that you’ve pre-ordered the book, I’ll send the print out by December 11 (and it should get to you in time for placement under the tree or giving as a holiday greeting). If received after December 10, the prints will be sent out the first week of January or thereafter as they come in.

Who can get one? Anyone! Send this offer to friends, family, acquaintances!

How to get one? Pre-order the book on Amazon or through Borders or Barnes and Noble then send me a message with your address telling me you’ve preordered.

When? Now!

Nemo and I are standing by with ink and brushes, ready to roll.

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