Making lemonade out of a fallen tree?


The funny thing about this (haha hardly) is the tree didn’t break where I feared it would. It cracked apart in a totally different place that I would never have guessed. I suppose it is yet another lesson for me in the ever ending curriculum of “You don’t know near as much as you wished you did.”

Losing the tree was bad enough. The cost of having someone make our backyard safe from the rest of the tree was hair-raising…but that wasn’t all of the misery.

See way under all that shade tree, the broken limbs of our one year old frost peach? I wish the tree had landed just a few feet to the north and landed on the santa rosa plum. I’m not crazy about plums. Ah well, what can you do when Mother Nature snaps her fingers, a trunk, a peach tree, and many little beet and broccoli plants? Make lemonade out of those bitter fruits is the accepted route.

Lemonade at the Quarter Acre Farm looks surprisingly like a mulch pile…which looks surprisingly like a volcano, the heat of the chips breaking down vaporizing in the chilly November morning.

And not only did I get a giant pile of mulch out of the whole travail – I also got to meet very nice tree people, and enjoyed a lovely talk with Nancy about trees and squirrels, box turtles, and loving animals.   Further, these very nice tree people said that I could call them the next time I needed mulch – no more chasing chainsaws for me!

So I’ll spread the mulch out and let the tree return to where it so generously volunteered. It was an expensive funeral, but rich in return.   I will yet remember this tree fondly. RIP.

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  1. madgew says:

    Making lemonade out of trees and then making mulch, pretty impressive and such a great idea. I gave a gift to my neighbor of your book as she is developing a plan for her garden and loved the ideas and recipes in your terrific book. Thanks for all the great ideas. You inspire me.

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