Destination; Farm!

2925 Allan Ave, West Sacramento, CA 95691
Isn’t it beautiful? I know, not a soul on the planet thinks so but me. And sure, I do know that the stucco is cracked, it’s retirement age to you and me, and it looks every year of its hard life, there are shingles missing, no pump, no tank, and a mystery septic system, plus a faulty foundation, drainage issues, and yellow jackets in the walls…(that I know because I disturbed them and was stung by one of the privacy-loving creatures)…and yet, I love it.

Partially because I love the idea of taking “nothing” and finding the “something” in it, perhaps molding it into something- like clay into a bowl. Partially because it has an acre of dirt around it. No trees, no lovely bushes, no flowers, no crops, just nothing (see explanation of the beauty of nothing above). And also because it might be mine. MY project. I might just fix that stucco, I might just plant fruit trees, I might not…it’s up to ME.

Not that my guys aren’t being supportive – but supportive in the best way; available but letting me plow ahead…after all, they have big things going on in their lives, too.  College, travel, books, art…we’re all in some stage of, embarking, I’d say.

I hope I am, anyway.  I am getting ahead of myself. There is no pump so I don’t know what the water situation is. I don’t even know much about pumps and pressure tanks – though I’m figuring out what vertical turbines, lifts, bladder tanks, and pressure switches are. I’ve been reading more about septic tanks than most people I know would be interested in, and finding it fascinating (by the way, DONT pour that grease down your kitchen sink!).

It could all go wrong, the land might be more expensive to buy it and fix it up than can be managed…We’ll know sometime this week. Keep your fingers crossed, and chuck that cute little dilapidated bungalow under it’s chin – you KNOW you want to, it’s so awful, it’s darling!



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  1. Carla says:

    I see definite possibilities!! 🙂 Good luck!

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