Chicken shelter


If this isn’t the easiest chicken shelter ever, I don’t know what is.  It does look a lot better than the ratty tarp I had (laboriously) hung to keep the girls dry during rain, and I’m hoping that it works better, too.  It also has a sort of modernist simplicity to it that I like.

The corrugated fiberglass panel was no as pliable as I had figured it would be…I was a bit afraid that I would crack it before I got it to arc to my satisfaction, but it didn’t.

The ten days of rain have begun and now the chickens can find some shelter under the archway, eat their grain without the irritation of drips running down their feathered necks.

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  1. Chrisoula says:

    It’s better than a soggy chicken! Once our ground thaws here, we need to reconfigure (once again) our chicken’s pen to property put up avian netting, because for the first time in 9 years of having birds, we lost a chicken to a hawk this winter. Given the frozen ground, we draped the netting around the pen as best we could, but soon enough we’ll need to put it up property w/ stakes and such.

    What we do for these girls!

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