Cabbage Worms

‘Tis the season, the long, drawn-out, season of dreaded green. Dreaded green which eats my cabbage, my broccoli, my sprouts…the cabbage worm.

Only about a week ago my plants looked great. I’m pretty sure of it. You know how it is when it is cold and rainy out. I have a tendency to look at the farm from afar (either my living room window or my hot tub, actually). But I finally hoisted myself from in front of the fire and checked on all the little things growing on the farm. Beets were rosy, favas, growing like hotcakes if hotcakes actually grew, peas twining away, and cabbage – AWK!




It would be fine if I were growing LACE. Geez, what happened?


This is what happened…can’t quite see it? Well, it IS hard to see without the help of a close focus lens.

There the critter is, already done a ton of damage. What to do about them?


First line of defense is the age old method of picking them off the plants (look for them aligned with the spines of the leaves, and don’t forget to check the back) and feeding them to the chickens. Recycling!

But, if you want a little less onerous way of working the problem out, get some BT – Bacillus Thuringienesis – which comes in a bottle that is often labeled CATERPILLAR KILLER. Just make sure it says BT somewhere on there, because BT is a safe CATERPILLAR KILLER, unlike many other pesticides. It is a biologic agent. It makes caterpillars feel not so good, just a little stomach flu, Madge, don’t worry. I’ll just skip dinner…and breakfast…and lunch. Next thing you know Chompy the Cabbage worm is a goner.

Birds who eat the Bt slain caterpillars have no ill effects, nor do humans if you worry about serving a worm hidden in the florettes of broccoli to your family. Why would I think of that? Er, no reason. No reason at all.

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3 Responses to Cabbage Worms

  1. Madge says:

    So funny (not really) you picked me, the animal non lover, to shout out too. I would never be so kind to bugs that eat my garden. I use That’s It for everything and that is it. 🙂

  2. Madge says:

    I forgot to say these are beautiful photos.

  3. So THAT’S what ate up all my Swiss chard a couple years back!

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